Frequently Asked Bathtub Conversion Questions

Tub to shower conversions can be confusing. Take a moment to browse through our frequently asked bathtub conversion questions.

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How much does a tub conversion (tub cut) cost?

Bathway's tub conversion (tub cut) costs $895 for steel and fiberglass tubs and $1195 for cast iron. If your house was built prior to WWII you may have a cast iron tub. For more information check our product list.

How long does the tub cutting and installation take?

The installation process takes just over an hour with a minimum of disruption. Tub cutting for cast iron tubs takes a little longer.

Is the tub cutting process messy?

Not at all! Our installers clean as they go so it leaves no mess or dust as they easily convert your tub to a shower.

What colours do the new threshold come in?

Any colour you want as long as it's white. It's in fact slightly off white, designed to match most white bathtubs.

How much can I expect the step to be reduced by the tub conversion?

Our standard threshold allows us to reduce the step by 8" for most tub conversions. A standard tub is 14" or 15", leaving a step of 6" or 7". We also manufacture a deeper threshold that can be used for deeper soaker tubs. This allows us to reduce the step by 11".

How is the water prevented from splashing onto the bathroom floor after my tub conversion?

A regular shower curtain does the trick. Your installer may need to lower the curtain rod to ensure it hangs below the opening, but we'll take care of that.

What is the warranty on bathtub conversions (tub cuts)?

There is a three (3) year warranty on all tub cuts, conversions, parts and labour.

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"I was constantly worrying about my mother living alone in her home, and the bathroom was a particular concern. Bathway's accessibility solution has made life much easier and safer for her and given me some piece of mind."
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