Bathway Editorial - Forever Young Newspaper, January 2010

Our experience is that most people understand intuitively that bathtub walls present a difficult and often dangerous barrier for many seniors, and when presented with the situation where a friend or loved one is at risk of a fall, or just can’t get into a bathtub, we know we should do something about it.  The sad reality is that the cost and inconvenience of doing so has been prohibitive.

Now, Bathway has the solutions. Bathway’s tub cutting process is a quick, clean and economical alternative to traditional bathroom renovations. Our professional and personable installers simply cut the side wall out of the existing bathtub and custom fit a threshold over the opening created. The thresholds come in different sizes to allow the conversion of practically any existing bathtub into a safe and accessible walk in shower.

Bathway’s solution is attractive for a number of reasons:

  • Our conversion cost per unit is literally thousands of dollars less than the traditional alternatives.
  • Our process does not impact the existing walls, floors or plumbing.
  • The relatively short installation time (just over an hour) keeps the overall cost and inconvenience to a minimum.

Bathway can provide you, a friend or a loved one a safer environment for bathing with a minimum of cost and inconvenience. Call Bathway today for a free, no obligation quote.

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See what our customers are saying about their new step-in bathtubs:
"Wow! A quick and easy installation, with no mess! And at a fraction of the cost of other options we researched. Thanks Bathway!"
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