Top Ten Tips for Bathroom Safety

For many of us, the bathroom is our favourite room in the house. It can also be the most dangerous room in the house, and this is especially true for older adults and small children 

With a little effort, you can make the bathroom a safe and relaxing environment for everyone in your household.

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The following are some bathroom safety guidelines to help you stay safe in the bathroom and prevent accidents. Contact Bathway today for more bathroom safety tips, or to schedule a bathtub conversion.

Top 10 Bathroom Safety Tips:

  1. Install a walk-in tub.
    A safe bathroom for elderly individuals sometimes requires remodeling. Consider renovating an existing tub to be a walk-in tub.
  2. Make sure all surfaces are skid-proof. 
    There are a number of skid-proof surfaces available for both the bathtub/shower stall and the bathroom floor that promote bathroom safety. Individual decals do not cover the entire tub floor, so consider using a mat for the entire surface, and rugs with rubber backing for your floors.
  3. Add grab bars next to the toilet, shower, and bathtub. 
    When installed properly and securely, grab bars are key to bathroom safety and can help you balance as you stand or sit and give you something to grab onto if you slip. They come in a variety of lengths, textures, and styles.
  4. Install adequate lighting. 
    Accidents can happen in the dark. Having a nightlight in the bathroom can help with orientation and prevent falls getting to and from the bathroom.
  5. Install a handheld or adjustable shower head 
    Adjustable shower heads allow you to maneuver it where you want it, minimizing your movement in the shower. Also, you can use it while sitting safely on your bath seat or bench.
  6. Place electrical appliances away from water. 
    Water is an electrical conductor, so avoid electrocution by placing your hair dryer, electric razor and curling iron away from water.
  7. Set your hot water tank to a reasonable temperature. 
    To avoid burning accidents from scalding water, be sure your hot water tank is set to a reasonable temperature.
  8. Install ground-fault electrical outlets. 
    To prevent electrocution, have your electrician install ground-fault electrical outlets.
  9. Make sure everything is attached securely. 
    All towel racks, toilet paper holders, vanities, mirrors, medicine cabinets, grab bars and any shelving or cabinetry should be installed securely. Nothing should be loose.
  10. Keep medications, chemicals, and cleaning products out of reach. 
    Assign a safe cabinet for cleaning supplies and pills and/or medicine to avoid accidents. Be sure that any cabinet containing these items remains out of the reach of children

Learn more about the bathroom safety solutions we provide and contact us today!

Why do most household accidents occur in the bathroom?

There are many hidden dangers lurking in the bathroom. That’s why thousands of people slip or fall in their bathroom every year, which can lead to serious injuries. The main reason is that most of the surfaces can be slippery when wet, such as metal, cold tile, and porcelain. The steam from hot water can sometimes cause light-headedness, which can be dangerous for anyone with lower blood-pressure who may be at risk of fainting. Also, certain medications can cause dizziness or hypotension, which can cause limited mobility.

Since many older adults are staying at home longer as they age, bathroom safety is an increasing concern. Contact Bathway to discuss bathroom safety and how we can help make yours or a loved one’s bathroom as safe as possible.

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